Wednesday, December 12, 2012

figma Link Review by SamShio

Released! Price: 3,600 Yen
This review is by SamShio, myself! I finally got mine in the mail like 2 days ago and grabbed some pictures yesterday and now the review is up! I am a long time big fan of The Legend of Zelda. This figure is of Link from Skyward Sword version. I love the look and the figma was well put together. I like that you can use the sword in the sheath or outside and you can attached the sword on the back with the shield on it too. Anyways, take a look at the pictures!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nendoroid Frau Koujiro from Robotics;Notes Images

Release date: April 2013, Price: 3,333 Yen
Images from Mikatan's blog
From the TV Series Robotics;Notes!

figma Link from Legend of Zelda review by Mirumausu

Released! Price: 3,620 Yen
This review is by Mirumausu!
More reviews from Gamu-Toys, Hacchaka and Taste!
I am still waiting for mine to arrive! 

Nendoroid Renne Figure Review by Mirumausu

Released! Price: 3,333 Yen
Review is by Mirumausu

Princess of the Crystal Alter Ver. Preorder

Release date: May 2013, Price: 11,800 Yen
This was an interesting series with this very interesting as this characters outfit and attitude! To bad the price amount is pretty large!

Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece `Edition-Z` Tony Tony Chopper Preorder

Release date: late April 2013, Price: 3,100 Yen
Anyone excited for this film and the line of figures with crazy costumes? 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Perfect Cell Images

Images from Cyber Gundam

Mikusanta Ver. Hatsune Mikue Nendoroid 2012 Prize B Review

This is a limited run at your neighborhood Family Mart. You go in this holiday season and pay 800 Yen for 1 and it is like a lottery. You might get Prizes A through G! More info can be found at this web site for the complete listings of the rules and prizes with pictures. If you just want to take a look at the product page for this lovely figure take a look here!
This review is by Akiba Hobby!
She is cute!

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