Friday, August 10, 2012

SamShio Figure has reached post 1000

Hey Everyone!
It has been awhile since a formal post.
If you follow my blog of life or what not,, you will know that I had traveled to Japan few months back. I enjoy it a lot and saw a lot of exhibits here and there that display figures much like I post on here. I have slacked off posting towards the end of the school semester since it was my family time at school and needed to make sure passing and graduation was definite!
I started to pick back up on things and getting back into things here and the Hobby Blog. This is post is # 1001 now on here! Wow
Never thought I would go this far with this blog but I guess I have now. I actually started to slowley get rid of my figure collection myself as I am looking for work and the money will help but I am also looking into moving, possibly Japan or Taiwan looking for work in the next few months.
I do intend to keep up with this blog and of course my Life blog on my travels.
Glad I could serve you guys and you can always follow me on my Facebook page or at the Google Plus page. Links are on the side!

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