Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Wonder Festival 2012: Max factory Figma Images (updated)

Winter Wonderfest 2012 is Sunday February 12th! 
I will continue updating this post with images for the Figma series!
More Reports and Images coming, click the link to the right!
Images are from Cyber Gundam

figma Griffith

figma Fate Zero Emiya Kiritsugu
Autumn Release

figma Black Rock Shooter TV Animation Ver.
Release date: July 2012 

Figma Link from Legend of Zelda
SUPER excited about this

figma Tachibana Ring
Release: Fall 2012

figma Saber Zero Version & Motored Cuirassier

figma Persona 4: Yukiko Amagi

EX Ride Black  Rock Shooter Trike 

figma Persona 4: Chie Satonaka
Release: June2012

figma Dog Days: Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois

PSP Game Fate/Extra Type Moon "Virgina White Box" figma Saber Bride Version.
Price: 10,479 Yen

figma Yuzuriha prayer Guilty Crown

figma Princess of the Crystal
Release date: June 2012, Price: 4,572 Yen
Preoder at Hobby Search or Play-Asia

figma Universe Knight, Release date: June 2012
figma Evil Blade, Release date: July 2012

figma Hanekawa Tsubasa 

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