Monday, December 12, 2011

Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates `Strong Edition` Nami figure review

Released! Price: 5,300 Yen
This is sold out pretty much everywhere!
This review is by non other then myself! It has been long overdue though!
Today I am going to review the Excellent Model Portrait Of Piarates Nami Strong Edition figure from Megahouse. Originally released late February 2008 and designed by Black Sabbath. We have Nami here from the movie Strong World in the One Piece world. really popular movie with a long line of great figures coming out it in with suits and ties!
This figure is sex with her tight black gown hugging her curves!
Her eyes are mesmerizing, and great to look at. Her face is smooth with a cute smile. Love her hair as well.
Her staff is well colored and has shading in the right spots as well!
Her bust is crazy, but I like it!
Now it comes in one piece but you can actually detach her lower half. Even though her butt and front is covered by her black gown, the artist didn't stop the detail there. The coloring of her underwear and shades are perfect!
Simple stand, not to large about the same size as others from the Strong World line but smaller then Marco's. Great color on it, great as it is the color of her hair but metallic.
This figure is simple, with her in a confident pose yet sexy. Great design even to it's simplicity. Recommend and she is the shortest of the P.O.P. figures that I have!

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