Thursday, November 3, 2011

Favorite Figure of the Week #6

Hey everyone! Yet another week has gone by of releases and new preorders!!!! This is the 6th installment of my Favorite figures of the week!! I seam to add more and more to this as time goes! I'll try not to go over board!!
From the series Bakemonogatari we have Hachikuji Mayoi in 1/8th scale figure! Manufactured by Good Smile Company! This was released this past week and is a great looking figure! the details on it and the backpack itself looks cute! I'm not at all familiar with this series but this is my pick for scale figures this week!!! the original price is 7,429 Yen, order page here at Hobby Search!
Ah ha! For my action figure pick I have a S.H Figuarts figure from Bandai! Bunny from the series Tiger & Bunny! I just finished the series myself last week and enjoyed it! I wish these were not so popular because the presold/sold out right away both Tiger and the bunny figures. Even the preorder for rock Bison was persold out! I love the colors, detail and what you can do with this figure. The pink clear parts and articulation make this a great figure. The list price 4,500 Yen is high for a S.H. Figuarts figure but I am assuming it is because of the clear pieces and such haha.
So here is the order page at Hobby Search (although its sold out everywhere). If you want to checkout some reviews of this figure click here, here and here!
So for preorders, I really didn't have a favorite scale figure that stood out that much but this kinda caught my eye out of the group of Kotobukiya figures that hit preorder. She is pretty cute and also in traditional Japanese wear that always grabs my attention. She is Takamura Yuki -gekka ver.- from Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse. She is 8,000 Yen and will be released on March 2012. Preorder page at Hobby Search!
For Nendoroid preorders there seamed to be two this past week but I pick this one! She is Aragaki Ayase from Ore no Imouto go Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai! She is manufactured by Good Smile Company of course!! She will be released in March 2012 for the price of 3,334 Yen! Preorder at Hobby Search! More images here
For action figures my pick that was up for preorder and already presold out everywhere is Sky High from the series Tiger & Bunny! From the S.H. Figuarts line from Bandai we have this great figure with articulation that you can add with Tiger, Bunny and Rock Bison! I would have gotten this but it sold faster then I could refresh. The Price: is 4,500 Yen and will be release in Feburary 2012! The order page at Hobby Search is here. More images are here.
I'm not a Metal Gear solid kind of guy but I love ninja's and this guy has always looked bad ass to me and now he is in a figure form produced by Square Enix in there Play Arts Kai figure line. We have Cyborg Ninja! Never had a figure from this line so I don't know how articulate it is or if it is more of a sale figure but it sure does look cool. The price is 5,800 Yen and will be released on Early May of 2012, that is a ways away! Preorder at Hobby Search!
I have heard some great things from the Riobot figure line from Sen-ti-nel. We have Gurren Lagann! From the sample images that I have seen it looks like there is much play potential from this figure and the detail looks fantastic on it! If it wasn't out of my range I would nab this guy!!! Price is a whopping 9,048 Yen with an April 2012 release date! Order page at Hobby Search here. More images and video here.
So that is all the releases and preorders that I wanted to bring up, also a mention is the Robocop release in Figma for this week to. you can preorder that here.
Below I wanted to share something that has been floating around, the Saber Zero Ver. in Figma form! The release is in March 2012 for 3,000 Yen. I will let you know when the preorder page is up! More images here
Here are the top three as of today at Hobby Search!
Nendoroid Menma (PVC Figure)ranking 1
Nendoroid Menma (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:Good Smile CompanyRelease Date:Feb (Oct. 27, Pre-order start.)
Nendoroid Aragaki Ayase  (PVC Figure)ranking 2
Nendoroid Aragaki Ayase (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:Good Smile CompanyRelease Date:Mar (Nov. 01, Pre-order start.)
Original:Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
Producer:Maruhige , Haruka Ishii
Rufina (PVC Figure)ranking 3
Rufina (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:KotobukiyaRelease Date:Mar/2012 (Oct. 27, Pre-order start.)
Original:Shining Hearts

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