Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Favorite figure of the Week #4

Hey everyone!
So I am going to try to start getting back into the Favorite figure of the week but mostly talk about my pick for this past week's figure release and then share some preorders of note!
I will add a button on the side of the page for these posts!
My Pick of the week for released figures goes to Black Hanekawa from Alter. From the series Bakemonogatari!
This is a great looking figure, maybe because I like cat girls or something hehe. this is 1/7th scale so it is a good size figure. The price is 8,800 Yen, a bit steep for me but never the less a great looking figure.
Can order your at Hobby Search, click here
Also some figure reviews that I have covered earlier can be found here
Alright as for Preorders of Note this past week since last Wednesday!
There were a few figma's that popped up including Squid Girl, but I love looking at the one below
Figma Miki Sayaka produced by MAX Factory and from the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica!
I am a fan of girls/guys with swords. Well she has two and I love the coloring. I have heard of this series and it seams to be picking up steam but I have yet had a chance to sit and watch any of it!
This is 3,334 Yen and releasing in February of 2012! Preorder at Hobby Search here
Ah Ha! Another Nendoroid spotted from Good Smile Company!
I love a good girl in a kimono and I love the color orange (as you can tell from the blog).
Up for preorder as well this past week we have the Nendoroid Matsumae Ohana from the series Hanasaku Iroha!
Price is 3,334 Yen and will be released in March of 2012, preorder at Hobby Search here!
As for my pick of preorders this week in the scale figures area I am going to go with Oshino Shinbu. I am not familiar with this character or series but this is a great looking figure! I like donuts and she makes them cute. The detail and the colors are vivid and grab my attention to easily!
This is Oshino Shinbu 1/8 scale from Good Smile Company! From the series Bakemonogatari!
Price is 7,429 Yen and will be released in March 2012! Preorder at Hobby Search here!
My last preorder of note is a re-release of the Figma Saber Armor Version from MAX Factory!
This was a popular figma and character and still really is. At the three main sites I visit they are all presold already!
She is 2,667 Yen and will be released in November 2011. Her page at Hobby Search is here.
Also I will include the most recent rankings of PVC figures over at Hobby Search!
figma Miki Sayaka (PVC Figure)ranking 1
figma Miki Sayaka (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:Max FactoryRelease Date:Feb/2012 (Oct. 14, Pre-order start.)
Original:Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Producer:Masaki Asai , Max Factory
Oshino Shinobu Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)ranking 2
Oshino Shinobu Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:Good Smile CompanyRelease Date:Mar/2012 (Oct. 12, Pre-order start.)
Producer:Ken Yokota
figma Saber Armor Ver. (PVC Figure) ranking 3
figma Saber Armor Ver. (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:Max FactoryRelease Date:Nov re-release (Oct. 14, Pre-order start.)
Original:Fate/stay night
Producer:Masaki Asai , Max Factory
(Started this yesterday and just got it done!)

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