Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making some changes

Hey everyone.
If you have noticed, I have been posting a lot more starting yesterday because my new laptop came in some I can continue producing content for your eyes to feast on of course!
I have made a few little changes to the blog. On the right panel under my figure review links I have consolidated the links to event reports and down there as well I have now added links for certain series, figure lines or figure companies. So far I have added Good Smile Company, Alter, Nendoroid, Figma, Black Rock Shooter, Vocaloid and Megahouse. I will probably make more and when you click it goes to anything with that tag whether it be reviews, new images or a preorder or anything else I can think of.
Also I changed the the pages up at the top bar. They are more up to date and is current. Glad I fixed it and looks a ton better.
Also, I finally received my Figma Strength recently, took over a month to reach my house. I wonder if the earthquake that I had about 30 miles from my house (the 5.8 Earthquake felt in Northeastern US) had placed a delay on the mail and also the Hurricane Irene that wrecked havoc all over the North Eastern portion of the U.S. How can we have both of those events in Virginia in the same week. I bet it hasn't happened in YEARS. Anyways I have it now and looks wonderful.
I also had a bad experience with Amiami recently as well. I ordered the July re-release of P.O.P. Luffy Marine Ford version and it arrived at my house looking great and everything. I took it out of the box and noticed that the base was missing. I immediately took some pictures and sent my inquiry to Amiami and they said that they had no more in stock and give me 500 Yen for it. I didn't particularly liked that since it didn't stand that great by itself. So instead I guess that sent me 1,000 Yen as "goods" through PayPal which ended up as 650 Yen.
So as soon as they sent the money to my account, I went back to their site and all of a sudden they had plenty of them in stock. I don't know if they just didn't feel like sending me a new one and getting the old one back, or just deliberately have it not in stock for a few days on their site. They annoyed me. Then I continued taking out the figure and it came with a lot of parts to change out the arms and such. I was going to switch out the arms that were on the body and the left arms literally broke off with easy. It left the peg inside the body and the arm fell off... I mean the only way to fix that is to supper glue the arm back onto the body but I can tell you now that that arm socket isn't usable anymore at all. At least the set comes with another body and set of arms but this in no way is a figure that I can resell for even half of what I paid for it.
I inquired back to Amiami about it and they haven't responded at all so I guess my "case" is over.....
After that little experience I haven't been buying any figures really and that means from anywhere. I have placed one preorder or two on figures since then but I guess I'm afraid of putting a lot of money into something that is incomplete and falling apart, not sure. I have had to many payment requests from Amiami that I haven't answers back to. I'm not just ignoring stuff that has been released that I had preorder because of my bad experience but also because I just bought a new car, I am a student, my old laptop just crapped out on me and bought a new one, pretty sure I have to pay a doctor to fix my ligament in my wrist, planning a trip to Japan next year and I haven't been exactly having much work to help cover all of these things let alone figures + shipping = $100. Priorities man, just some things that I have to prioritize and I will be cutting back on my hobby purchases.
All of these things that are happening in my life currently though will not hold me back on my continuous posting on this blog like I normally do. You might see a little or not at all of my own figure reviews for a while but I will still carry on what I usually do daily! I love figures and everything going on wont stop me from carrying on my love for them and posting! Unless of course I lose power, internet, have a computer break on me or I'm hospitalized but hopefully none of that will follow at all.
Anyways, just wanted to keep everyone updated!

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