Monday, August 29, 2011

ONE PIECE Chogokin Franky Preorder and New images

Release date: late December 2011, Price: 9,500 Yen
Preorder page at Amiami, click here


  1. I wonder why they made an articulated NW Franky that's in scale with the Figuarts Zero figures, esepcially considering there is also a Figuarts Zero Franky coming soon. I'm starting to wonder why they have seemingly forgot about their One Piece S.H. Figuarts line (though I suppose for that line they would have to work on the characters pre New World since they already 3 out of the crew done).

  2. I should have added that this figure still looks really cool though, with a ton of features. Though at that price you'd assume that it has to be good.

  3. Yeah, the Chogokin series are really high end merchandise from Bandai but it is like that because of the quality. This figure obviously has tons of features that anyone could appreciate.
    I have noticed to that they have not been giving much attention to the S.H. Figuarts series for One Piece when there is a market for it XD


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