Monday, July 25, 2011

figma Rodger Smith (The Big O) Figure review

Released! At Wonder Festival 2011 Summer
Reviewed by hima-toy, check it out
This figure was a limited figma at the Wonder Festival 2011 Summer Exhibit that just happened. I really wish that it was sold at the same time or a month after the Dorthy figma was released because I enjoy her but she is lonely without Rodger.
Roger's stunning inverted triangle body shape. Other body parts of the jacket is made ​​of soft material that is to be cut肩口has entered, has become a movable leg to avoid interfering with the arm. The fixed-line and face the left eye is usually split on just what.
Hip hip knee ankle portion movable neck and shoulder elbow wrist wrist snap has been designed to let out your arms before show time for pause. Ankle motion was limited circumstances the hem of the slacks
Total wrist replacement are two kinds of smack five have two hands grip immediately replace two types of cry expression sunglasses and accessories are left forearm and wrist watch attache exposure.There can be open the briefcase was packed with wads of cash.
A combination of shouting and arm turn left forearm, gold soul behind Big (Really Big alloy can appear in Max)-do you seed a perfect score would be in the mood decorate Showtime.

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