Friday, June 3, 2011

Nendoroid Takagi Akito Review

Already released, Price: 3,334 Yen
Order page at Hobby Search, click here
This review is completed by myself! I am loving the new light I got for my desk and helps a lot more. I also got a P.O.P Sogeking figure that will be posted after I get back from the beach this weekend. Back to this figure.
This figure is manufactured by Phat Company, and is based off a character from Bakuman, which is a favorite manga of mine currently.
This also happens to be my first Nendoroid that I have purchased. #152
On with the review!
As said before, first Nendoroid that I have gotten so new to the parts and such. The edge of the box is numbers like a ruler on the edge much like the one they use when creating the manga in the series. Love the red.
The pieces of the box in the plastic casing
So, besides the body that was in the case, you get the display base and arm that hold the body standing. It comes with two extra faces and another pair of glasses that are tinted. Comes with an extra arm that is bent at the elbow and two extra hands that can be used to hold the accessories. The accessories are a small brief case that he uses to travel and carry his names for manga, his cell phone that he uses quite much and his notebook for creating more stories!
Below images are what he looks like right out of the case to get a better look at the body. He has his orange signature sweat pants and his sweat jacket. The headphones that are around his neck are semi-attached to his jacket so you can't really remove them unless you cut it. He also has a pair of glasses that are clear to see his eyes.
The first face with both pair of glasses to get an idea. His happy face :D
Second face with both glasses.His serious face O_O
His "oh crap" face XD
I am already loving this figure. Looks great on my desk next to Yuki from K-on!
Below is his expression when he finds out that their manga is in 15th place haha
Anyways, like I said first Nendoroid that I have gotten. It comes with great accessories, not to much unlike his best friend, Mashio Moritaka, Nendoroid figure that comes with a chair and desk to draw his manga. That one is more expensive [link to order page].
More reviews to come!

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