Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE "STRONG EDITION" Red Haired Shanks review

Already released: Price: 6,800 Yen
Order page at amiami, click here
This review is completed by myself and I am glad that I could have finally gotten it up.
This figure is a really good representation of what Shanks would look like if he was in the Strong World movie. Megahouse did really well.
The black scale shirt that he has on is really well done and glossy.
The jacket that comes with the figure is large and very billowing. If you pop off the head it is easier to place the cape around his neck. It sits on the shoulders without attaching to anything.
The box comes with an extra head that has the black sun glasses on him. It isn't glasses that can be placed on the head that you have but a separate head with the glasses attached to the extra head.
The figure comes with a head that has no glasses and one with glasses. Comes with the dark red base, another hand that can hold the gun, the gun and that is about it.
Taller then Sanji and Zoro from One Piece.
This is a pretty nice figure to add to the collection. Not much movment other then turning his head on a joint. He is the largest figure I have in mass. The only thing that is taller is Brooke but he is really skinny.

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