Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE Series NEO Sogeking Complete Figure review

Already released, Price: 4,800 Yen
Order page at Amiami, click here
This is another review completed by myself. I love Sogeking in One Piece, aka Usopp, the King of Snipers. Love the character.
Since Megahouse was so kind for do a re-release of the figure I instantly preordered it since they were hard to find and I looked all over. Well on with the review.
The box is quite large, but displays the figure well
Now This is just Usopp in his regular clothing. The head is removable to allow you to place his red cloak on. The arms and hands are fixed and can't be changed though.
The cloak is very nice, I love the coloring and shading on it. It folds really well and is easy to place around his neck with the removal of his head. It is a little lose on the neck.
The figure comes with the long shot sniper, signature weapon of Sogeking and comes with his side bag that can be added under his arm before you place the cloak over his body.
Comes with a yellow transparent base. I have been having a few problems with it. Seams that Usopp's feet don't want to attach to well
This is Usopp in his complete outfit to create his alter ego, Sogeking. Included is two masks, the full Sogeking mask that is seen on his face currently, and a broken one.
On the left is the broken mask and on the right is a closer view of where the goggles that Usopp wears can be removed that that is how you attach the two different mask onto his face.
The "Strong World" version of Brook is a lot taller then Sogeking but it is one of the taller characters from the series. Sogeking is the same hight as Smoker.
All in all, I love this character and this figure. The price is very reasonable for the character and you get a choice to either have Usopp as Usopp or as his alter ego, Sogeking. Also throwing in two different masks is really nice for whether you want him to be battled scared or what not. I recommend this figure if you not yet have it. It is still in stock most places. I love the figure and goes great next to Smoker.

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