Thursday, June 30, 2011

D-ARTS Digital Monsters Beelzemon figure review by Shishio

Already released, Price: 3,300 Yen
Order page is open at Amiami, click here
This review is completed by Shishio, check it out
Anyone else get this? I am thinking about it!


  1. I'm not the biggest Digimon fan, but I do like a few of their designs, and Beelzemon is one of the ones I like a bit. I even remember seeing him in a few episodes quite a long time ago. So ya, not only does this guy look great, I quite like the design, so I definitely will consider getting him. He's not quite on the top of my list (which actually isn't that big) of figures to import, but he's there.

  2. The coolest part is if they threw in his motorcycle as an accessory XD
    But yeah, he was a pretty cool character for a bad guy. He ended up turning good in the end I think..

  3. Ya, that would be really cool. It's too bad he doesn't have his wings or his giant gun like he did in the picture you posted here.

    Oh well though, I guess they had to remove some accessories to keep the costs low.

  4. Yea, it would have been great with those accessories but it probably would have drove the price up for us. It does look so much cooler though with his wings and gun!


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