Thursday, May 26, 2011

Favorite Preorder Figure of the Week

I been thinking and want to put more of my opinion into the blog!
I think every week on Saturday I will posts images of and talk about what I find to be my favorite figure that came to preorder.
I think about that now and that is a lot of figures that get put on preorder on Amiami every week. Maybe I will pick my top pick and number 2 runner up, maybe top 3! Just depends how many great looking figures there are!
Lots of great events have been happening with a lot of future releases on display.
Did you check out the Prize Exhibit that I posted earlier today?!
I am really liking the Banpresto One Piece figures, they are looking great! Also I like some f the Naruto figures as well. I am sure these will be on preorder over at HLJ some time this year.
I am currently in my Meterology class so I better get back to note taking!
Look for the post on Saturday!!

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