Friday, April 15, 2011

S.H. Figuarts ONE PIECE Sanji image update

Release date: May 2011, Price: 3,333 Yen Preorder page is open at Amiami, click here
images are from Cyber Gundam


  1. Amazing looking figure, can't wait to pick one up. It also looks like his 'suit' is of a soft plastic to allow for some body movement and so that his legs can move freely. On another note, I could only assume that his arm articulation was as good as the rest of his SHF figure mates, but it's hard to tell from these pictures. It actually looks like his shoulders can only swivel up and down, and I really hope I'm wrong about that. Any ideas?

    Can't wait to see more SHF One Piece figures. They are way overdue for Zoro. And why not put Chopper with Robin, since neither would have many accessories and Chopper is pretty small (assuming they're not going to want to incorporate any of his transformations).

  2. I hope there are more images released or an early review to get a better idea of the amount of articulation that it has. I also feel like they are behind on the S.H. Figuarts for One Piece as well. They are cranking out the Figuarts Zero figures pretty fast, but slow on this line.
    I never got a S.H. Figuarts figure and I wonder if it is as articulate as a figma.

  3. I checked out a video review for a Figma figure and I would say that SHF figures (at least the One Piece ones) are very comparable when it comes to articulation. Also, after looking at the figure that I did see, she had a very similar shoulder to Sanji here, so I would guess he also has outward shoulder movement, based on this and SHF's track record.

    And it would be great if they did make more figures in less time so that they could move onto some of the 'villains', like Smoker or Crocodile, among others sooner than later.

  4. They really need to make more of the characters then anything, they are way behind on a lot of them compared to the Zero figure line from Bandai.


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