Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya EX Figure `Sigh` Suzumiya Haruhi & Asahina Mikuru Review

It has been a while since I have reviewed a figure myself and I recently go these awhile ago and enjoy them on my frosted glass shelf. They are SEGA game prize figures and grabbed them when they released in December for 2,250 Yen at Hobby Search. Here we have Haruhi directing her movie giving orders like no ones business.
On the display base it stands about 7.5 inches so it is a decent size figure.
With here megaphone ready to direct with
Of course the S.O.S. Brigade arm band
Just a little peak
And a movie strip boarder base with the S.O.S. symbol for the theme of the figures
Hello miss Asahina Mikuru, ready for action? I love how in the series she is so shy and you can see it in here face in this pose. Haruhi gives orders on how to act in the movie she is directing.
Just a little peek again
So over all this figures are great. SEGA themed the duo from the second season when they are shooting the second movie. I remember that Miss Asahina ended up getting eye laser powers because miss Haruhi wanted it lol.
Anyways, they are great figures and are pretty durable. Has some hard PVC but I do not think it would break if it fell off my shelf. Over all they are detailed really nicely for the price.
If you can find them again now that they are sold out, grab them. I love them.
Hope you enjoyed the photos: Click here for the order page where I got them if you want more details

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