Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hey everyone, if you follow the Samshio Hobby blog you may have realized that I cram in Gundam models, mecha and figures all into the one blog.
Well Not anymore, I have decided to go ahead and make a seperate blog for my figure passion!
I will post more on figures now then I did before just because the other blog would have a mix of figures and models and when you go to the home page looking for news on figures you get 7 posts on models and decided to go.
Well this will be just for figures now!
I will post any kind for figures, S.H. Figuarts, Figuarts Zero, Revoltech, Figma, Nendoroids, Megahouse figures, Alter figures, game prize figures like SEGA, Wave, some Good Smile Company figures.
This will include things like girl figures, guy figures I will post mecha related figures here as well but I will keep the models to the other site!
I am going to give it a test run and if this site kills the other blog or this one has no one coming to it then I will just put everything back to the other!
This makes it simpler to, oh yeah I also copied the Figure schedule page from the Hobby site to this site so that is part of it. I am thinking though now that the figures have there own blog that I will make many pages for the types of figures like Nendo's, figma's, completed models, trading figures, mecha figures and such!
Well now that I have made the blog, I still need to edit it when I get home as I am at work and don't have any my files with me at this time!

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